Bronze Plaque for Station ID

  • These bronze plaques are cast from the highest quality alloy
    approved by the Copper Development Association Alloy C9220.
  • The Standard Background Color is Dark Oxide with a Pebbled
  • The Border is a Standard Single Line Border which is cast integral with
    the plaque.
  • The mounting is from the front. Let us know what type of surface you
    are mounting your plaque on so we can supply the correct type of
    mounting screws, i.e., wood, drywall, brick, stone, etc. If you wish to
    have hidden mountings, it has studs on the back on the plaque which
    you must drill at least a 5/8" hole into the wall and fill the hole with
    epoxy or silicone adhesive. This type of mounting is permanent and
    the plaque cannot normally be removed without damage to the
    plaque and/or wall.
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Station ID Bronze Plaque

The most impressive, classiest, and durable Station ID is Bronze.

Bronze Plaques are made to last a lifetime. Bronze doesn't rust, it just looks
better and better with age.

These Bronze Plaques are suitable for outdoor or indoor use. These Bronze
Plaques are created by skilled craftsmen pouring hot molten metal into sand
Bronze Plaque - Station ID
Style: BPID - 12" x 5"
The above pricing is approximate due to the fluxuations of the copper
market and shipping costs. I will send you a quote which will be valid
for 30 days.

Station ID Bronze Plaque

This image is a simulation.