Amateur Radio License Certificate
Model Number
Amateur Radio License Certificate

  • Stock is Enhanced Matte Finish which is 10.3 mil thick
  • You will receive an Adobe Acrobat proof of your Amateur Radio
    License Certificate. Normal turn-around time for the proof is 24 hours
    or less.
  • The certificate will normally ship in 1-3 days once I receive your "OK to
Style GGLICENSE - 11"x14"

Amateur Radio License Certificate

Gone are the days when the FCC supplied a nice license that we could
put in a frame and be proud to display.
I have created a nice Amateur Radio License Certificate. The size is
11"x17" or 11"x14" which can be mounted in any 11"x17" or 11"x14"
Picture Frame. The Amateur Radio License Certificate is printed on
11"x17" or 11"x14" Enhanced Matte stock which is very heavy 10.3 mil
Price includes FREE shipping to US Address.
You will have to send the Adobe Acrobat file that the FCC created. You
can attach your file to the form below. If you do not have your file you
can go to the FCC website and download it. Here are the instructions on
how to do that.
Click on this link:
You should be looking at the login screen. Click the "File Online" link in
the "Filing" section. Then enter your login information and click "Submit".
Then click on the "Download Electronic Authorizations" link. You will see
a "My Authorizations" section. Select your call sign, then click on the
"add" button. Now click on the "download" button. Save this file to your
computer. This file should be your Amateur Radio License with the
"Official Copy" wording on it. Make sure it says "Official Copy" and NOT
"Reference Copy". In order for this license to be "Legal", it must say
"Official Copy. This is the file that you will have to send to me in the form
below. When you receive your Certificate don't forget to sign your
Amateur Radio License Certificate - Additional Copies
Model Number
Amateur Radio License Certificate - 11
Amateur Radio License Certificate - 11
Style GGLICENSE - 11"x17"

Bad Templates used by FCC

Many of the Acrobat Licenses sent out by the FCC used a bad template
which looks like my License did as pictured below.
If you look at the right side of the license which says cut along this,
notice if you cut on that line the instructions "Cut Along This" will remain.
If you cut along the area where the form ends (Expiration Date), you
end up cutting off the FCC logo in the upper right corner. When I make
the certificate I correct this problem.