Mobile Reply Card
Adobe Acrobat File
Mobile Reply Card - For Printing On Your Own Printer

Mobile Reply Cards are used by County Hunters as an
economical way of combining QSOs on a single QSL Card which
is filled in for the station and counties worked.

Since many County Hunters prefer to print their own Mobile
Reply Cards, I will supply an Adobe Acrobat file which has been
personalized with your Call Sign on the MRC. I will supply a file
with 1-up 5.5x3.5 Mobile Reply Card for those of you that can
print on that size paper or card stock. I will also supply a 4-up
file which will have 4 Mobile Reply Cards on an 8.5 x 11" size.

These files are personalized with your call-sign.

If you would like test out the print files on your printer
download the files below:

Mobile Reply Card - 1-up file
Mobile Reply Card - 4-up file

Free Generic Mobile Reply Card - 1-up File
Free Generic Mobile Reply Card - 4-up file
Mobile Reply Card for County Hunters