Convert Art Files for MS Office Projects
Per File
This price is for each file converted. Price does not
include any charges for shipping disks as I assume all
files will be transferred via the internet. If you have any
shipping preferences other than via the internet, I will
email you with additional costs.
This service will take any eps, pdf or postscript file and convert
it to a wmf file which is a high-quality image file which MS Office
can import.

If you have a company logo in eps or any art in eps, pdf or
postscript format and you wish to use it in office, we can
convert it into wmf format. Unlike most free-ware software
packages that convert wmf bitmap format we convert any
vector art into vector wmf which means you can enlarge your
art without loss of detail.

In order to prepare your files, simply zip your files if you are
sending from a PC; or, if coming from a Mac, stuff your files.
Please make sure that your eps, postscript or pdf files have all
the fonts embedded or converted to curves. If this isn't
possible simply send your fonts along with the files. If your
files are smaller than 5MB you can email them to: If your files are larger, you can
either supply me with a link to an ftp site or you can download
a free file transfer program from which will
work on both mac and pc. I make no warranties as to your
using this software, I merely mention it as one possible way to
get your files to me. Alternately, you can send your pc or mac
formatted CD to: GG Graphics, Attn: Glade G. Schroeter, 3726
Brader Street, Bethlehem, PA 18020.