QuarkXpress Mac to PC Conversion
Per QuarkXpress Project
This price is for each QuarkXpress document converted.
Price does not include any charges for shipping disks
as I assume all files will be transferred via the internet.
If you have any shipping preferences other than via
the internet, I will email you with additional costs.
This service will take Mac QuarkXpress Documents and convert
the fonts and eps files for use on a PC  platform.

The only files that do not require conversion are Open Type
fonts, TIF images and JPEG images.

This is an economical way to export important projects you
wish to have access to on a PC.

In order to prepare your files from the mac, save all files in a
Stuffit ".sit" or ".sitx" format. Please make sure that all fonts
are embedded in your eps files or that they were converted to
curves. If your files are smaller than 5MB you can email them
glade@gggraphicsstore.com. If your files are larger, you
can either supply me with a link to an ftp site or you can
download a free file transfer program from www.pando.com
which will work on both mac and pc. I make no warranties as
to your using this software, I merely mention it as one
possible way to get your files to me. Alternately, you can send
your mac formatted CD to: GG Graphics, Attn: Glade G.
Schroeter, 3726 Brader Street, Bethlehem, PA 18020.

Also, please indicate which version you wish the final Quark file
to be in. If you have no preference I will leave it in the original
version that it was in.

  • Font Conversion (Please note that there are some
    characters that are not available in the conversion, these
    are seldom used but you must proofread your documents).
    See Alan Wood's site for a list of characters that would be
    missing (MacRoman characters not present in ANSI and
    ANSI characters not present in MacRoman.) Also, please
    read your license agreements that came with your fonts. It
    is usually permitted to convert your fonts from one platform
    to another providing it is for your own use.
  • EPS Conversion (adding preview image which is usually lost
    in the conversion process)
  • Saving QuarkXpress Files in an older version if you do not
    have the same version that it was created in. (Some
    features will be lost in the conversion and I can only save
    back to Version 5.)