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  • These QSL Cards are Post Card size (5.5 in. x 3.5 in.).
  • These cards will be personalized with your call, name, address, phone
    number, email address and an optional line for such information as
    county, grid square, etc.
  • Cards are printed full color on front and black ink on back which
    includes your call and the normal QSO information. Additionally, if you
    select QSL Back 4 which is designed for the 3905 Century Club you
    can add all of the awards you have earned and list the net which you
    were working at the time of the QSO. Click on the sample card above
    and it will show you the different car backs as well as Back 4 for the
    3905 Century Club.
  • Stock is 14 pt. coated 2 sides.
  • Card finish is either a semi-gloss (Aqueous) or high-gloss (UV
    Coating). The semi-gloss finish gives the cards a rich silky smooth
    finish and the high-gloss finish looks like a glossy photograph.
  • You will receive an acrobat proof of your card for your inspection and
    approval before printing. Normal time for proof completion is 1 to 3
    days upon placement of order.
QSL Cards - The 3905 Century Club
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QSL Cards, Our Identity to the World of Amateur Radio

QSL Cards are an important part of our hobby. Every time you send a QSL Card it
gives you the opportunity to tell another ham a little more about you.
Our QSL Cards are Full Color. They are printed on traditional Offset Printing
Presses. We do not use ink jet printers. So you don't have to worry about ink
longevity problems.
See the specifications section below for additional information.
We think you will like our QSL Cards.
250 Reprint QSL Cards $78.99
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500 QSL Cards $93.99
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1,000 Reprint QSL Cards $89.99
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2,500 Reprint QSL Cards $135.99
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QSL Card Style QSL33, The 3905 Century Club
Style QSL33
The 3905 Century Club

These cards have a custom back that
is customizable. It is QSL Back 4. You
can list all of your Awards on the back.
Also, if you are a club officer you can
list that on the back or the front along
with the extra points.
You can list your awards or Club
Officer information in the Optional
Type or Comments section below.
Please enter information you would like printed on your card.
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Back side of QSL card
Click on above card for acrobat file (pdf) of
available QSL backs.
QSL Card Back
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